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Numerically controlled machining center for the application and finishing of banding material on shaped panels.

Equipped with the edge banding unit, it allows to perform all the machining required to finish shaped panels with a single machine: milling, boring, additional processes, application and finishing of banding material.

The base machine includes:

·       Mobile gantry structure and double Y axis with independent carriages

·       Automatic lubrication system

·       Auxiliary vacuum system

·       Vacuum system division in 2 working areas and 2 locking areas along X

·       Lifting bar support pneumatic system

·       Edge banding unit GU60C equipped with glue pot installed on the glue roller, double presser roller for edge application on internal radius of up to 30 mm and detection probe for closed ring geometries

·       Coil container for 2 coils positioned on X carriage

Working fields:

- Edge banding: X edge=5780 mm - Y edge=1650 mm - Z edge=60 mm

- Routing: X=6735 mm; Y = 1650 mm Z = 245 mm with modules H=74 mm

Loadable piece in Y:

-        1650 mm, with thickness up to 60 mm and modules H=74 mm;

-        1600 mm, with thickness up to 245 mm and modules H=74 mm.


·       Uninterruptible Power Supply unit (UPS) for the machine PC

·       8 ATS panel supports - 32 sliding bases

·       Working table automatic positioning (EPS)

·       Belt conveyor for the removal of chips and off-cuts

·       Configuration 2A for Rover B. Flexible and productive configuration for the production of panels and solid wood. Can be configured with 2 electro spindles, allowing the simultaneous tool change of 2 tools. In the event of planned maintenance on one electro spindle, it is possible to keep working with the second one. It includes the axes and carriages for the movement of the main operator units. It includes 2 inverters.

·       360° rotation interpolating unit – Torque C-Axis

·       BH30 2L Boring Head with automatic lubrication. The unit is composed of:

- 20 vertical independent spindle with a pitch of 32mm (9 spindles along X axis and 11 spindles along Y axis) to execute a full series of bores for the furniture assembly up to a max. center distance of 320 mm;

- 4 horizontal independent spindles with double outlet with a pitch of 32mm (2 oriented along X axis and 2 oriented along Y axis)

- 2 sawblades with diameter 120mm for grooves along X and Y axis (maximum cutting depth 25mm)

·       Chain tool changer with 22 places at 180 mm centerdistance


·       Tool for trimming and rounding of the banding material applied on corners.

·       HSK F63 Aggregate for blade with maximum diameter 215mm

·       RC60B Aggregate for trimming and/or rounding with horizontal copying of the banding material applied to absorb the variations in thickness.

·       Combined edge-trimming / edge-scraping / glue-scraping aggregate EF60B with complete equipment of tools with thickness 1,0 mm.

·       Hard disk mirroring system for the machine's PC

·       Other valuable options

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ModelROVER B EDGE 1667