BOXmaker ULTRA printing & gluing

BOXmaker ULTRA printing & gluing

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NEW BOXmaker ULTRA fully integrated box production system!

Technical characteristics:

➢ CAPACITY: up to 1600 boxes per hour (FEFCO 200)

➢ PULLER SPEED: up to 3m/s


➢ VOLTAGE: 380V *

➢ CARDBOARD TYPE: single, double, and triple wall up to 14 mm and 1400 GSM

➢ MAXIMUM BOARD SIZE: 2400 mm X unlimited length

➢ MINIMUM BOARD SIZE: 200 mm width x 650 mm length


➢ LENGTH OF SLOTTING KNIVES: 2x 500 mm segmented slotting knives


➢ MACHINE WEIGHT: approximately 4500 kg.

Hand holder tool x 1. The hand holder tool, as its name suggests, creates hand holder openings, but can also be used for other openings on the box. It is a moveable die cut press. The unit is positioned automatically, and the distribution of cuts is also setup digitally via control unit. Dimensions of tool is 120mm x 160mm. The total force the die cut can exert is 5200 Newton.

Creasing Wheels x 4. The creasing wheels are automatically setup via the control unit. The machine has four creasing wheels, and it is possible to use only the selected wheels, i.e., not crease the full length of the cardboard. The wheels can be quickly, tool free changed, thus making switching from different diameters and formats a simple task. The machine has 4 creasing wheels.

Knife tool x 2. The slotting knives are setup automatically via the control unit. The knives are made of high-density steel alloy which allows for heavy duty reliability and extended use even with processing 1400 GSM, high grade corrugated cardboard. The machine has 2 slotting knives that are positioned automatically via threaded spindles and servo motors. The transversal creasing tool is integrated in the knife subframe. The knives are segmented and can be positioned independently from one another.

Cross cutting tool x 1. The cross-cutting tool serves the purpose of cutting off excess material thus enabling for multiple boxes to be made from single panel of cardboard. The blade runs across the width and cuts in the direction of the flute. The module is also utilized for production of pallet boxes with loading flap. The unit can produce transversal cuts anywhere on the sheet, which enables it to create box locking mechanisms, loading flaps and windows on the box. In combination with longitudinal cutting knives, square and rectangular shapes can be cut out in the sheet, effectively replacing die cutting for those forms.

Circular blades x 6. The circular blades serve the purpose of cutting cardboard along the length. As seen with the crosscut and longitudinal creasing this unit can perform work selectively and anywhere along the length of the corrugated sheet. The unit is utilized when producing FEFCO 0204, FEFCO 0403, glue flap or material reformatting. Also, in combination with crosscut, windows and similar square/rectangular shapes can be cut.

Printing unit x 1. The printing unit is capable of outputting single color prints of up to 1000mm of width and 870mm in length, making it the perfect choice for standard transportation box markings. The imprint can be placed anywhere on the box, including creased areas. The printer is setup via control unit. This means that the position of the print and the amount of color is regulated electronically. The printer module is the only unit which requires manual manipulation in the form of cliché placement and roller washing. 

Gluing module unit x 1. The gluing unit is a glue application nozzle and the supporting actuators. Developed with single pass functionality in mind, the gluing module rounds up the box production process and allows for a more flexible production cycle. The unit is servo powered and moves at speeds up to 1m/s. The glue can be dispersed in lines or in beaded patterns anywhere along the corrugated cardboard sheet. Second nozzle can be added on demand.

Control unit. The control unit of the box maker is consisted of 21-inch touch sensitive HD widescreen color display with user friendly UI. The unit itself comes with predefined FEFCO standard models in memory. Free mode offers the possibility of creating a box of any style and measure, greatly increasing flexibility. The memory itself can hold up to 3000 models.