2015 YOCO JY-1650E automatic die-cutter

2015 YOCO JY-1650E automatic die-cutter

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Model JY-1650E

Date of production 2015

Maximum sheet size 1650 x 1200 mm

Minimum sheet size 650 x 520 mm

Maximum cutting size 1630 x 1190 mm

Corrugated paper thickness 1,5 - 7 mm

Maximum pressure 400 tons

Cardboard types Corrugated and solid

Maximum mechanical speed up to 5000 sheets/hour

The machine is in production!

Availability: March 2022

Feeding Table 

  • Adopts an advanced servo drive controlled slow down device for perfect front edge registration. This device slows the substrate down right at the last moment before presenting it to the front lays. This prevents crushing of the substrate.
  • Motorized left and right push lays to accommodate different styles of printing registration
  • Advanced design of side lay to achieve high accuracy, micro adjustment is available.
  • Adjustable rubber wheel and brush to ensure precise positioning to achieve registration at front and side lay.
  • Wheel and brush frame removal is aided with pneumatic cylinder for ease of operation.

Die cutting Section 

  • Toggle design contributes to maximum die cutting pressure at 400 tons. The pressure can be easily set up on touch screen, controlled by electrical pressure adjustment system. Digital display of pressure data facilitates set up of repeat jobs.
  • Computerized control display system and 3D touch screen operation can immediately trace and visualise machine status and possible machine stop causes
  • Pneumatic lock-up system on die cutting chase to increase efficiency
  • Centerline system on die cutting chase ensures accurate registration
  • Equipped with reliable brake air clutch for safety and smooth braking
  • Pre make ready table available to pre set repeat work / reduce down time.

Stripping Section 

  • Double action stripping section / upper and lower stripping frames facilitates die change motorized upper frame
  • Centerline registration system to match die cutting section giving accurate positioning to increase efficiency and minimalize changeover time.
  • Front edge grip removal system again giving higher production efficiency.