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About Us


We provide world-class comprehensive engineering service support to all industrial sectors around the globe. Our core activity is industrial object transfer from one location to another including installation & commissioning. This can range from single machines shifted within the existing site, to large scale factories and production lines moved from one location to another, crossing international borders.



Worldwide transfer of industrial plants and machinery Our service covers complete process: planning and preparations, disassembly, loading, transportation management, unloading, installation/assembly and commissioning.

Daily Maintenance


Our experience in repairs covers a wide range of industrial machines paper, wood, furniture, metal, food industry, etc.; Maintenance plan and necessary measure selection for your equipment.


Industry Automation

Automation troubleshooting, diagnosis and repairs Customized automation solutions.


Engineering and Robotics


We plan, manufacture and install custom or unique equipment. We help to develop and implement the concept of the technological process according to the needs of the client. The machinery we design can be integrated into an existing technological line of equipment or created as new and independent equipment.

Activity Insurance

Certification of OHSAS


Management Certification

EN ISO 14001:2015

Certified Crew

Meet Our Team

Valentinas Pauliučenko - Director

Tadas Šalkauskas - Deputy Director

Mantas Dzimidas - Head of Technology

Darius Šablinskas - Head of Automation Division

Irena Pauliučenko - Head of Administration

Valdas Šalkauskas - Head of Industrial Equipment Establishment

Darius Belkevičius - Project Manager - Equipment Relocation

Paulius Deltuva - Sales manager

Mindaugas Rutkauskas - Mechanical engineer - Constructor

Vitalijus Pundinas - Automation Engineer

Andrius Goštautas - Automation Engineer

Deividas Kubilius - Automation Engineer

Martynas Miklius - Storekeeper - Supplier

Kazimieras Aleksa - Constructor

Genius Petrauskas - Technician

Vytis Kornilavičius - Technician

Paulius Zablockis - Technician

Sigitas Sudeikis - Technician

Marius Turauskas - Technician

Artūras Šabūninas - Technician

Jurijus Zacharevskis - Technician

Tautvydas Tulauskas - Technician

Deividas Karvelis - Technician

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